Jennifer (tiggirl20) wrote in fma_rare,

Title: Penance
Chapter: 2 'Not So Helpless'
Author: tiggirl20
Warnings:  language, violence, and in future, lemon
Rating: T
Pairings: WinRoy
Length: 5,762 7,974 words (wow, I really was tired)
Betareader:  zonkiethegreat
Summary:She was dying, he could see it in her eyes, but if he wasn't careful
his attempt to save her might kill them both... How far would you go to
make up for your mistakes?
Possible Spoilers: takes place after the original anime and COS.
Author's notes:  I hope it's alright that I only posted the link to the new chapter instead of the full text. 
If it is a problem, I will come back and fix it later, but right now I'm just to tired to cut, paste, and make
sure the formatting is right.  So for now here it is.
Also posted to:roy_x_winry

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