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Hey, it's that guy!

This is the band journal formerly known as contrailclouds, and I have no idea if anyone even cares any more but I'm revisiting Not Because They Are Easy and hopefully I'll actually finish it this time! I made some slight edits to chapters 1 and 2, just for grammar and flow and stuff like that, but I almost completely rewrote the egregious charlie-foxtrot that was chapter 3, so that's all new content and I am posting it here.

Chapter 2 here
Chapter 1 here

Chapter 3 below! With a fake cut.

Title: Not Because They Are Easy (3)
Rating: G
Pairing: Roy x Alphonse (eventual)
Wordcount: 2911
Summary: Alphonse pushes his fragile human body to experience everything, and fights to learn not only the limits of endurance and tenacity, but also what it takes to break those limits. Meanwhile, Colonel Mustang throws himself into the reconstruction of Ishval like fuel in a furnace, and believes he already knows which people understand what true loneliness is. And when everyone's efforts are thrown against the northern border to protect against the aggressive expansion of Drachma, is it possible to retain perspective for the things that still need changing?

(Not even the Reconstruction would drag him into the office on a Sunday.)

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